What Is SEO ?


What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization, which is basically the practice of working on, or designing, your website in such a way as to increase its visibility and ultimately the amount of traffic that it gets. It is used to ensure a website appears highest on the organic search results of a search engine. You have two types of search results, organic results which are done by good quality SEO, and then you have paid ads that are at the top of the search results which people pay for.

The importance of SEO can’t be understated as the more traffic your site gets the more sales your site will get, so the higher your website ranks the better without having to pay google for these placements.

what is seo

The most commonly used search engines that people use are Google, Yahoo, and Bing so when optimizing a site for ranking purposes, these are the search engines to keep in mind.

Search engines are constantly working to improve their algorithms so that the most relevant content appears when specific terms are searched for. This ensures that the sites people will typically get the information that they are looking for are the ones that will appear on the front page with the main objective being that the user’s overall experience is the best that it can be. This is why having quality content with good SEO can help a lot. Hiring an  SEO article writer can make a huge difference in your website’s rankings

All search engines have bots that gather all the possible information about a site and then collate it all into an index. This information is then analyzed by an algorithm that will determine what the site is about, and which pages are relevant for specific search terms that the site should appear for, as well as how high up the results page they should be.

There are hundreds of ranking factors that search engines use to decide what a site should rank for. SEO experts consistently squabble over what these rankings factors are as not all of them are known and people aren’t sure just how important the ones that are known are. This isn’t helped by the fact that search engines also use hints of randomness when ranking a site which makes it impossible for anyone to be able to know 100% how to rank their own sites.

Understanding how ranking factors work is crucially important when dealing with SEO. A better understanding of how search engines determine the relevancy of your site will better equip you in getting your site to appear more often for important search terms and appear higher in the organic results

As mentioned previously, no one really knows for sure what is required to get a website to the coveted top 5 places but with the proper use of knowledge regarding SEO and by using proper on-page and off-page SEO and producing quality content, this should help you when trying to rank your website

The importance of Search engine optimization is something that everyone should be aware of as it is literally the difference in whether your business or career is successful.

There are 3 different types of Seo that people use

White Hat SEO– This is done in accordance with the TOS of the major Search Engines – Good practices with no manipulation

Grey Hat SEO- Which is a mixture of Blackhat tricks and white hat

Black Hat Seo- Is used when trying to manipulate the search engines to gain higher rankings, and going against search engines guidelines cloaking, gibberish content, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, Pbns, invisible text, doorway pages, are just a few of the techniques used.  Please be advised that these types of methods will eventually lead to your website being penalized or deindexed


Why is SEO important?

There are billions, if not trillions, of individual searches every year from people looking to either spend money online or gain knowledge about specific subjects. So if you want to make any money online from your website then you need to be able to use SEO to your advantage so that these people looking to spend money online come your way by finding your website within the first 5 results  

Your competition will already be using SEO in their favour so as to increase the amount of custom that they are getting, and you should be too. They are ranking highly, getting increased traffic, and reaping the benefits. You need to join them and get your site up there too, preferably above them.

The main objective of good SEO is that it will make it easier for potential customers to find your product or service. When you increase the visibility that your site gets you to increase the number of visitors that come and spend time and money which, ultimately, is what the goal is.

Along with the importance of good on-page SEO, you also need to have a good user interface (A well laid out and easy to use website) and a good overall user experience as you want people to not only find your site but also want to make them feel that they want to spend money while there.

What you are basically looking to do is make the user’s experience the best it can be in terms of relevancy and efficiency. SEO can be used to lower the bounce rate (how often people click back away from your site to look for other websites) that your site has. If your website consistently has a high bounce rate the search engines will then determine that your site isn’t what users are looking for and will then shift your site back down the results in favour of other sites it thinks will be more relevant. So ensuring you have quality content that keeps the users engaged is crucial, Audio and videos, as well as pictures, can help with time on site.

Good organic SEO will also improve your site’s authority. This basically just means how much users trust your site and how relevant they find the content on it to be. When a site is optimized properly, users will then be more likely to trust you and what you are promoting or selling.

Search engines are always a work in progress and always tweaking and changing their ranking factors and parameters. They are updated on a regular basis and being able to understand how to rank your site if it isn’t as high as you want it to be is crucial. If you are not adjusting and aiming to meet the relevant requirements to rank then you are on the road to failure. Knowing what they are looking for and adapting to it is so important in the continued success of your business.

If your website currently has a good ranking that could very well change at the next update that the search engine goes through, and if you are not prepared to deal with it, the potential worst-case scenario is that you lose your current profits and revenue. Good SEO will help you avoid that turmoil.

The importance of SEO cannot be said enough when it comes to running a business online or having any website at all.

The Need For Search Engines

In the early days of the internet, having a website was more about kudos than marketing and commercial advantage. Search engines played a large part in changing that. Search engines made it possible to navigate the web and locate information easily.

They also ranked their results for us in order of relevance, putting the most relevant first. Even though that relevance was a bit ‘hit and miss, to begin with, search engines quickly became one of the most popular destinations online.

The Need For Search Engine Optimisation

It didn’t take marketers long to identify the importance of search results. A cottage Search Engine Optimisation industry was established that did little more than tweak the keywords tag and repeat keywords on the page.

Today’s search engines are much smarter, so are search engine users. However, the importance of securing top search engine rankings has never been more important. Before your website can make a sale, generate a lead or attract opt-ins, you first need visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation, then, is the process of raising the visibility of your website for relevant keywords on search engines like Google.

What are relevant Keywords? Relevant keywords are the short phrases potential customers type into search engines when looking for the products or services you provide.  They are the terms your customers believe you should rank for not the terms you believe you should rank for.

Admittedly, there is a lot more to Search Engine Optimisation than just rankings. Remember the old maxim “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”, well that pretty much sums up search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization is also about turning visitors into customers. Understanding what makes search engines tick is only half of the equation, understanding what makes people buy is the other half.

SEO is a major factor for any website targeting long-term growth. If you need to improve your online visibility Just Thinkdan.com Today.



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